Doll North Bookmaking Part 3

C. Attaching the Cover

1. Applying the End Papers
Select a piece of decorative paper for the end papers. On the reverse, trace around the goldenrod cardstock guide twice and cut out.

Fold each sheet in half.

Test to check the fit against the pages. It might need a slight trim on the sides to match the size of the text block.

Line it up and clamp in place, near the edge.

Pull the end paper down a bit, and apply a thin line of glue up near the spine.

Press the paper back down onto the glue.

Fold the end paper, and apply a thin coat of glue to adhere the muslin to it.

Do the same for the reverse side, then sandwich the text block between two pieces of waxed paper and scrap matboard and clamp.

Let it dry a bit, then it’s ready to put in the cover!

2. Attaching the Cover
Position the text block in the cover, then carefully clamp the endpaper in place, near the fold. The text block should sit as far back against the spine cover as possible.

Pull up the edge of the end paper sheet and apply glue.

Put the end down and press firmly. Release the clamp and apply glue to the rest of the end paper and muslin, but not on the spine!

Put the text block back into place and press firmly.

Slip a piece of waxed paper underneath the remaining endpaper, and apply glue to everything, except the spine.

Carefully pull the cover over, making sure the text block is sitting back as far as possible, and press firmly.

Take the two toothpicks and place them near the spine, as pictured, pressing them together.

Sandwich everything between two pieces of scrap matboard and clamp. Let dry at least a half hour, the longer the better.

Once dry, removed the clamp and admire your handiwork!