When Portable Games Get Real

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In the short week that I have so far owned a 3DS, my software library has grown quite substantially. This is all thanks to it’s Virtual Console support. Currently, there are 16 titles loaded on to it. Some are old classics which I was familiar with but have parted ways with over the years, some are titles that I’ve never even heard of, some you should not do without, and finally the ones that take advantage of the 3D capabilities. It is seriously like carrying an NES, GameBoy/Color, Advance, DS, GameGear, N64, and ….Playstation2(?!?) in your pocket. Seriously, is Snake Eater a butchered port, or will it replace Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence as my favorite Metal Gear title of all time, simply because I could play it, while hiding, nearly anywhere… ?

For the sake of my love of lists, and because no one ever asks for it, here’s what is currently loaded on my 3DS:

Game Boy:
-Bionic Commando
-Blaster Master : Enemy Below (GB color)
-Fortified Zone
-Gargoyle’s Quest
-Legend of Zelda DX: Link’s Awakening
-Maru’s Mission

Game Gear:
-Dragon Crystal

-Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream (it’s very important to mention)

3D Classics Remakes:
-Kid Icarus (w/ lovely FDS version sound)
-Kirby’s Adventure

-Dr. Mario Express

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