Whatever you do, just don’t tell the MOC community on me!

While I at the store yesterday, I saw that Lego released some Pirates of the Caribbean sets, some were from the upcoming film, and a few others seemed to be from the Dead Man’s Chest film. I picked up the Fountain of Youth set, featuring Captains Jack and Barbossa, and new villain(?) Blackbeard. There were a few new special elements included like a scabbard for the pirate cutlass swords (a classic piece), a special Cutlass sword with a golden hand guard that appears to be broken, wielded by Blackbeard, and Jack’s hair with his red bandanna and trinkets adorning it. I got the fountain of youth set because it was more of a scenery piece, and that’s what I’m into re-modeling right now. However…

Today, I bought two Halo sets, made by Mega Bloks. I got the good guy vehicle UNSC Mongoose, which is like a Quad/ATV that comes with an enemy turret (figs included!), and I got the Covenant vehicle called the Banshee. I liked it’s bright colors and the curviness to it. I couldn’t decide over one or the other. One set came with two figures, and some weapons, but the other set was a kick-ass alien hovercraft! In all honesty, I’m trying to outfit my special Red Spartan with all manner of weaponry. What I would like to do is design special weapons for him out of Lego brand greebles. I really enjoy the articulation of the Mega Bloks figures, but they just don’t seem to be made to the same exacting precisions that Legos are manufactured to. Which is fine, don’t get me wrong! I grew up Lego, and it will always be my absolute preferred building system, but you can’t blame me for stepping outside the “block” and checking out something new, and mostly compatible! Pictures will follow.

Oh, by the way I downloaded Halo the other night on XBLA, and rather enjoy it. I still don’t see why everyone is so freakin’ obsessed with it. I guess because I’m playing it nearly 10 years after the fact, and I’ve already been exposed to so many games that were created due to the influence of Halo. But hey, I still invested the time and money to download it and see what it’s all about, and I don’t regret it yet.

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