Hop into this motor pool

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Using components and ideas from the City Bank and Mobile Police Unit sets, the secret underground lair of the Bionic Commando is currently in the design phase.  What I had done first was a complete build of both sets.  This gave me an idea of the scale of it’s components, also the new modular type construction that Lego is employing in their sets now really lends itself to remodeling or re-designing.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of the completed sets as they were intended to be.

Still feeling creative, and wanting to actually build something and not just think about what I was going to build, I began a mini-project that took me a little more time than I had hoped to complete.  This involved the Camper set.  I set out to remove all the visible lime green colored plates from the set and replace them with dark gray plates.  Not applying the decals supplied with this lego set helps.   Its not just about having the right color, you need the right size, and the right amount of plates or bricks, or a clever combination of plates and bricks which would equal the amount of parts you were trying to replace.  Here’s the finished, grayed out camper parked alongside the Armored Truck.


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