Uptown Girl

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via IMDB: When it came time to film the end titles sequence, where Buckaroo and pals are walking around a dry L.A. aqueduct in step to the music, the music wasn’t ready. Composer Michael Boddicker told the film crew to use “Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel as a placeholder because it was the exact same tempo. Those scenes were filmed with “Uptown Girl” blaring from a boom box tied to the back of the camera truck.

3 thoughts on “Uptown Girl

  1. Jyo

    You know which Hong Kong Cavalier knows all about the Uptown Girls… Perfect Tommy. He’s so perfect, he even had a wardrobe change for the credit sequence! I like how Rawhide gives Buckaroo a lo-five when he joins the march. Take a look like at like one minute 15. Oh yeah, one more thing; Nobody can rock two belts like Reno Nevada. One belt to match his shirt, one belt to match his shoes.

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